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Competition Programme: Lithuanian Animation

For the second time at BLON, we are also announcing a competition programme of Lithuanian animated films! From the most memorable works by students to virtuoso short films, the entries will be judged by a panel of international experts, and audiences will be able to discover for themselves the diversity of Lithuanian animation!
Jury: Yi Wang, Rasa Paukštytė, Vika Ivanova

And the Rest You Already Know
And the Rest You Already Know #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 0 s

Listen to a dialogue between two people – the director's grandparents, Dalius and Kristina – as they tell the story of how Dalius was late to a date with Kristina. The film opens with Dalius realising he is late. He rushes out and into a new scene, where he is about to meet Kristina. Realising she is upset with him, he attempts to surprise her. But the surprise does not go as Dalius imagined, making Kristina even more upset. The day ends without a date – but as Kristina leaves, she offers the viewer a hint as to the story's eventual outcome.

Directed by Rūta Stalmokaitė Screenwriter: Rūta Stalmokaitė Producer: Rūta Stalmokaitė

The Crow and the Fox
The Crow and the Fox #

2023 / Lithuania / 3 min 0 s

Beside the old mill, a lone crow steals some cheese, but she's tricked by the cunning fox's shadow. Unforeseen events unfold as the stolen prize brings about their demise, for it holds a hidden poison.

Directed by Edgaras Janušonis Screenwriters: Justas Širinskas, Edgaras Janušonis Producer: Vaida Nedzinskaitė-Mitkė Company: MB Studio Mitkus

2009 January 19th
2009 January 19th #

2022 / Lithuania, United Kingdom / 3 min 25 s

An experimental animated documentary short exploring the director's childhood memories of a car accident.

Directed by Liucija Vaisiūnaitė Screenwriter: Liucija Vaisiūnaitė Producer: University for the Creative Arts

The Perfect Fit
The Perfect Fit #

2022 / Lithuania / 10 min 30 s

Patrick lives in a children’s home. After seeing a parrot in the zoo, he becomes obsessed with them, which makes it even harder for him to belong and find parents who want to adopt him.

Directed by Meinardas Valkevičius Screenwriter: Kotryna Šeduikytė Producer: Akvilė Bliujūtė - Janušė Company: UAB Meinart

Purga #

2023 / Lithuania / 13 min 21 s

Winter, 1942. Beyond the Arctic Circle, on the uninhabited island of Trofimovsk in the Laptev Sea, deported peoples struggle to survive. This is the place chosen by Soviet authorities to deport vast numbers of inhabitants from the occupied Baltic countries, Finland, Ukraine and elsewhere. In this harsh, alien landscape, man is a mere speck. Against the backdrop of such majestic isolation, many thousands face the savage indifference and cruelty of nature.

Directed by Gintarė Valevičiūtė-Brazauskienė, Antanas Skučas Screenwriters: Gintarė Valevičiūtė-Brazauskienė, Antanas Skučas Producers: Giedrė Burokaitė, Lauras Lučiūnas

Reversed #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 9 s

A short experimental film, which defies the laws of motion and sound. A brass musical instrument engine turns itself inside out, producing a paradoxical spectacle of smoke and sound. The engine consists of pipes from various instruments such as a trumpet, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon that resemble a human digestive system.

Directed by Rimas Sakalauskas Screenwriter: Rimas Sakalauskas Producer: Rimas Sakalauskas

Planets and Robots
Planets and Robots #

2023 / Lithuania, United Kingdom / 6 min 0 s

A film generated by AI for humans. Don’t worry – humans are creative and better than AI. You are the ones who will always have the upper hand, because you have the ability to imagine, to feel, to love. Thank you for existing.

Directed by Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas Screenwriter: Artificial intelligence Producers: Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas Company: MB Tylus kinas

Trash Can
Trash Can #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 22 s

A lonely raccoon tries to survive another day in the busy city. When he finally finds some food, his happiness doesn't last long.

Directed by Greta Semionovaitė Screenwriter: Greta Semionovaitė Producer: Greta Semionovaitė Company: University for the Creative Arts

Way Better
Way Better #

2022 / Lithuania, France / 13 min 47 s

A man awaits some test results. He expects the worst, but at the same time he's hoping for the best. Distressed and afraid, he spends a week in a limbo of his own making – neither here nor there, dreading things that haven't happened yet.

Directed by Skirmanta Jakaitė Screenwriter: Skirmanta Jakaitė Producer: Agnė Adomėnė Company: ART SHOT

Tahlequah the Whale: A Dance of Grief
Tahlequah the Whale: A Dance of Grief #

2023 / Lithuania, USA / 15 min

In the aftermath of her newborn baby's sudden death, orca mother Tahlequah carries her daughter's body across the Salish Sea in an incredible true story that captivated the world.

Directed by Daniel Kreizberg Screenwriter: Daniel Kreizberg Producer: Akvilė Bliujūtė - Janušė Company: Meinart Animation Studio