Festival Pass
⚠️ Early Bird ticket available until 09.01 23:59

4-day Pass


Regular price: 35-54€

Valid for the entire festival.

Industry Accreditation


Regular price: 35€

Valid for the entire festival.

Weekday Pass


Regular price: 25€

Valid for the entire festival on Thursday and Friday.

VR pass


Regular price: 35-45€

Valid for VR experiences for four days.

🍿 Also, you can buy a ticket for each individual film or VR screening. If you are interested in a specific film, there is a "Select a screening" button next to each film. Once you have selected a screening, you will be directed to purchase your ticket. However, we recommend that you purchase a Festival Pass and enjoy the full programme.

🥽 VR bookings are not mandatory. However, you won't have to waste time queueing and will have a reserved place at your chosen time. More info: FAQ

🎓 Seminars, masterclasses, etc. - free for students.

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💕 We are a non-profit organization. By purchasing a Festival Pass, you contribute to improving the quality and diversity of the festival program. Thank you for supporting us!